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A little blurb about each main character: For the Love of R.J. Devereux


Rating: 18+, Trig, NSFW

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Plot: TBD

A little bit about the characters: (This is what has been figured out so far, names have been picked by my friend Brooke and I.)

Oliver Camden – Ollie J, Ollie, Jace

30 years old, single but has a crazy, obsessive ex girlfriend. Lives across the hall from R.J. Not sure if he wants children but doesn’t mind them. He’s nerdy/geeky, loves comics, protective but able to let someone go. His humor is silly – think Emperor’s New Groove silly.

R.J. has no clue where he works, topic never crosses her mind, but she has wild thoughts about him being a former “bad boy” since she always catches him playing with matches – aka Pica Disease.

Shaun Delluci

39 years old single, “bad boy” but wanting to start a family. Works across the street from R.J at the local auto shop as a mechanic. He’s had his eye on her ever since she started working at the Starlight Lounge and does not like Jensen Kingsley.

R.J.’s fascination with his serenity creates a small obsession, but she brushes it off like it’s nothing to worry about and decides that it’s only because she’s attracted to him.

Jensen Kingsley – Jen

46 years old, divorced father of two beautiful girls, Jessa and Layla. He opened up the Starlight Lounge as a way to earn money for his girls to attend college and have a inheritance. Knowing that Shaun doesn’t like him, he still keeps his head in the game and doesn’t dare to start a fight due to his past, which makes R.J. very curious to know what he has done.

Roxanna Jayne Devereux – Roxy, Roxy J, R.J., Ro

31 years old, single, lonely, brilliant girl who wants to be happy for once with someone other than herself. Being attracted to three men has made her confused, which leads to sending out the wrong signals. Wanting to be a mother, she becomes close with Jensen, yet wanting to be a free spirit, so she spends some of her nights alone by herself or with Oliver. She’s unsure of what she truly wants,  even though everything seems to be in perspective whenever she’s around Shaun.

So who does she chose?

The father that already knows what to do and not do in a relationship? Who already has children of his own and wouldn’t mind at least one more?


Does she find herself wrapped up in the chaotic neutral environment that she has learned to tolerate?


possibly fall into the arms of the only person that brings a peace of mind, live in a simple life and start something new?

Something New

I’m going to be trying something new on here.

By the way, sorry that it’s been taking me so long to post something on here. Being in a new relationship with someone finally treating me right, I’ve been distracted by him and forgetting to write.

But it’s okay cause he loves my writing and is giving me time to write when I feel like I need to.

What will be new, is the story that I’m going to be writing. I’ll be posting every chapter on here and hoping that I get some responses to it.

It will be romance based with some comedy and drama, cause face it you cannot have romance without the other two.

This is going to be the current project until I can get myself to go back to my book series and finish it.

Look for… For the Love of R.J. Devereux……….



p.s. the featured picture is of myself so please don’t be taking it off of here! thanks!

This is Gospel: Chapter Two

Note: I was debating on what piece to post to show what I’ve written. Hoping people will enjoy what I have written like my boyfriend has. Don’t forget to comment down below. Constructive criticism is okay!!! 🙂


                Holly stood in the living room, hand on her hip, mug in her other hand. Her head was tilt to the side, wondering how long it took for her friends to finally end up in each other’s arms. David walked out of the bedroom at the same time Marissa walked out of hers, both coming to a stop when they saw Jamie and Riley asleep on the couch. “How long have they been like that?” Marissa asked as she braided her hair.

                “No clue.”

                “Did they….?” David was partly curious as he fixed his tie.

                “No clue.”

                Riley’s brother stumbled out of Marissa’s room. “Hey does anyone know why the heat isn’t on?”

                “Shh. You’ll wake the masterpiece.” Holly took a sip of her coffee.

                Confused, he moved around Marissa and stepping back when he saw his sister asleep on the couch, almost falling off. “What the hell did I miss?”

                “Don’t know. I found them like this. Have not been able to get myself to move for the last five minutes now.” She took another sip.

                “Well, I don’t think they’ll be getting up anytime soon. Hector snored all night.” Marissa yawned and went over to the couch. She patted the dog’s leg and then headed to the back door in the kitchen. Hector got up and followed her, going straight outside.

                “Did anyone bother to take a picture in case they try to deny it later on?” Adam went into the kitchen and retrieved some coffee in his favorite blue mug.

                Holly answered him. “I didn’t want to risk being caught.”
                “I think they have more to worry about than you do.” He poured some creamer into his mug, then a spoonful of sugar and then went back into the living room to join in on the staring contest. “Who do you think will wake up first?!”

                “She will kill me for saying this, but I think he will. She gets up a lot in the middle of the night and her kitten had been meowing a lot since she wasn’t in her room.”

                “I didn’t hear anyone moving last night.” Marissa walked back into the living room, while Hector ate with her puppy in the kitchen. “Who would have thought that once he came back into her life, she would sleep more soundly?”

                “Alright.” Holly turned to Marissa and Adam. “We have to get going. Thank you for the jump. And you two behave.” She handed the mug to Marissa, who was more than willing to finish it for her. “Text me. I’d like to know who woke up first.”

                “You got it.” Marissa grinned and then sipped the coffee. Holly went to the coat rack, grabbed her coat and pulled it on. She then grabbed her purse and stepped outside, David following suit. “We should get ready to go. Wouldn’t want prince charming to wake up in a grumpy mood.” She patted Adam on the chest and then headed back into her room.

                “Well, I hope they used protection.”

                “If they even went that far.” She sighed. “Don’t worry about them. We’re going to be late if we keep talking and staring at them.”

                He sighed. “Fine. I’ll get the car started.”

                “Thank you.”

                Adam went to the coat rack, grabbed his coat and pulled it on before he went outside. As he zipped up his jacket, he watched the mailman pull up and stuff the mailbox full before moving to the next house. Adam went to his car, got in and revved up the engine, turning the heater on full blast. Next, he got out, closed the door and went to the mailbox. The metal door was cold against his fingers and if he didn’t know any better, he’d say that it was going to be an early winter.

                “Are you ready?” Marissa asked as she walked out of the house and over to the passenger side of the car.

                “Yeah, let me take this inside for them.” He grabbed the mail and headed back inside, placing the mail down onto the table. Jamie opened his eyes, blinking a few times before he looked at Adam.

                “Oh, shit.” He held up his hand, worried that Adam would pummel him. “I swear nothing happened.”

                “It’s alright. Go back to sleep. Mars and I need to run a few errands. We should be back some time around noon. Holly and David already left. They said that they’ll be back in a few days.”

                “Okay.” Jamie rubbed his eyes, hearing Adam leave the house and close the door. Once the car was gone, Jamie rolled over and wrapped his arm around her. He pressed his lips against her neck, breathing in her scent. “Good morning.”

                She whined. “Wake me tomorrow.”

                “That bad of a night?”

                “No, I don’t want to get up. This is the first time in three years that I slept soundly.”

                “Really? Even with Hector snoring?”

                “Mmmm, I’d be a liar if I said that I didn’t wake up a few times. But for the most part, I slept like a log.”

                “That’s good. Have any dreams?”

                “A few, but I barely remember them.”

                “Then they probably weren’t all that good.”

                “No. Most likely not.” She kissed his hand.

                “What do you have going for today?”

                “Not much. I have the week off. I worked fourteen days straight at the bakery, so they gave me the week off.” Hearing the kitten’s cries, she got up and went into the kitchen were Sammy was sitting.

                “So do you want to go anywhere, or do you want to just lounge around?”

                “I’m thinking a bit of both, but right now, I want to get a few more hours of sleep. At least that’s what my brain is saying.” She grabbed the bag of treats from the counter and dumped out a handful onto the floor for Sammy to eat. “Yeah, you’re off your schedule as well.” She placed the bag back onto the counter, scratched the kitten behind her ears and then made her way back into the living room. “Ugh. Five more hours.”

                He smirked when she sat down next to him, putting her head in her hand. “Did you forget that you’re not wearing any pants?”
                “I’m sure no one’s here to care anyway.” She placed her hand over his mouth. “Don’t say a word. I am not in the mood for your snappy comebacks.” She felt him lick her hand, removing it quickly, but when she went to wipe her hand on his shirt, he grabbed her arm and pulled her in; face inches from his. His hot breath hit her in the face and she could tell that he had dove into the mint jar.

                “Three years?”


                “Anything else that’s been that long of a wait?”

                “Nothing to share with you.”

                “I take that as a yes.” He licked her lips and then sat up and slid off of the couch. “Whatever coffee you’re making, I want it.” He smirked to himself as he made his way into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

                Licking her lips, she got off of the couch and made her way into her bedroom, walking slower when she passed the bathroom door. “You can’t come back into my life and take whatever you want.”

                He called out to her. “Watch me.”

                Rolling her eyes, Riley went into her room and quickly changed into her favorite jeans, bra, and black shirt and then pulled her hair up into a messy bun. Grabbing her favorite bracelets off of the vanity table as she made her way out of the bedroom, she heard him singing, but wasn’t able to pin point the exact song. Riley went to the couch and petted her kitten until he came out of the bathroom, zipping his jeans up. He leaned against the frame and stared at her. “Have you thought about what you wanted to do today?”

                “Not really.”

                “But you’re dressed to go.”

                “Yup.” She glanced at him. “Did you keep your clothes in the bathroom?”

                “Yeah, I always do when I stay with people.” He ran his hands through his auburn hair. “Let’s go get coffee. We’ll decide on what we want to do after that.” He pushed himself away and headed to the door, grabbed his shoes and pulled them on. He then told Hector to stay as he grabbed his favorite black jacket and headed out the door. Riley moved to the coat rack, grabbed her sweater and purse and then headed out the door, locking it behind her before heading to her car. “Ri, Chevelle.” The look she gave him, confused him. “You loved riding in this with me.” He watched her open the door to her car and got in, turning on the engine and then the heater. “Hmmph.” He went to the passenger side and got in, almost slamming the door. “I look like a fag being in this car.”

                She closed the door and buckled up. “It’s safer than that hunk of metal.”

                “What is safe about a plastic bubble on wheels?” He hit the power button on the stereo, making a face at the screaming voice that came blaring out of the speakers. “What the hell is this shit?” She shrugged her shoulders and backed the car out. “Please say that Mars is guilty of this.” He ejected the CD and tossed it into the back without looking or caring on where it landed. He grabbed her CD traveling case, noticing that it was black with purple flames. “Egads. It has her written all over this.”

                Driving off, she became a bit annoyed. “Just pick a CD, J. You don’t need to have commentary over everything.”

                “Uh, yes I do.” He kept making faces every time he flipped the page. Riley wasn’t sure if she should feel upset or laugh at his expressions. He always did know how to make her laugh. “Fuck it. Head to Target.”

                She whined. “But coffee.”

                “You cannot have a good dose of coffee without kick you in the face music.”

                “That was kick you in the face music.”

                “Mmm, nah. That was slap your brother with your cock type. You don’t need to be encouraged to slit your wrists and dye your hair multiple shades of emotions. You are perfect the way you are.” She hesitated on thanking him as she drove across town, pleased to hit every green light along the way. “What is this?” He pulled out a blank CD. “Girls who don’t mark their stuff is begging for it to be played. “What is it? What is it? What is it?” The different tones to his repetitive question almost made her snap.

                “I don’t know? Like you’ve pointed out, it’s Marissa’s.”

                “What happened to all of the CDs I bought you?”

                “They’re at home, in a box.”

                He gasped in a funny way. “How dare you. Is that how you feel about our friendship?” She glanced at him, confused on if he was teasing her or being serious. “I shall find that box and retrieve the CDs.”

                “Oh, no you’re not.”

                “Why? What are you hiding?”

                “Nothing. I don’t want you snooping through my stuff.”

                “You’ve never had a problem letting me do it before.”

                “Well, I do now.” She pulled into the parking lot of Target. “Oh, look. We’re here.” She quickly turned off the engine, grabbed her purse from his side of the floor board and hopped out. She tried to walk briskly, but he managed to be one step behind her.

                “I will find that box and you will let me look through it because you know that if you do not, I will tell everyone what you did in the eighth grade.”

                “You wouldn’t dare.”

                “You know that I would.” He grinned at her and then rushed into the building with her making a gasping, appalled noise, as she tried to keep up with him. The employees stared at them as they made their way to the back of the store and over to the electronics. Upon entering the isle with the CDs, Jamie grabbed the first CD he laid his eyes on. “We’re definitely going old school and I do not care if you don’t like it.” He placed the Journey Greatest Hits CD into the basket that sat at the end of the isle and then pulled it out of the stack and made her hold it. He then rummaged through a few lines of CDs before he came across a Billy Idol one. “Rock the Cradle of Love. You danced like her once.” He tossed it into the basket.

                “Pfft. I think you got me mixed up with Megan.”

                “Did I?” He went back to rummaging, making her go over her memories as she doubted her own comment.

                His hands landed on Prince album, pulled it off the rack and placed it next to his face. “The Very Best of Prince. Got to love the childhood nostalgia.”

                “Yeah, especially when you were considered the white version of Prince.”

                “Oh, I still got the moves.” He winked and then tossed the CD into the basket.

                She giggled and the grabbed a Mariah Carey CD. “How about a little bit of pep?”

                He made a face. “Unless it’s the stuff from when we were kids, nope.” He watched her place the CD back and noticed the CD with the word Glee on it. “What the hell is that?”

                “Do you not watch T.V. anymore?”

                “Not with shit like that.”

                “I kinda stopped watching it after one of the actors passed away. They do have a few good cover songs.”

                “Name one.”

                “It’s a Meatloaf song….um…” She tried to remember what it was called, forcing herself to look at the back. “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.”

                “The original will always be better.”

                “Well, yeah, but I like this version to.” She placed it back in its spot and then grabbed a CD she hadn’t seen since high school. “Ooh, how about NSync?”

                “Are you trying to kill me?”

                “You wanted pep.”

                “No, you wanted pep, I want the kick you in the face….”

                “Oh yes and Prince and Journey is kick you in the face.”
                “At least it’s a good middle ground for the both of us.”

                “Oh, come on. You used to like some of the songs.”

                “Some, but I mostly enjoyed watching you enjoy the music. Big difference.” He grabbed an AC/DC album and tossed it into the basket.

                “Hey, you don’t even know what ones are on there.”

                “It says, greatest hits. I trust it.” He went back to rummaging again as she pulled out the CD and glanced at the back. Every song that she knew was listed and that made her content. She placed it back into the basket and headed down towards the middle of the alphabet.

                “How about Lady Gaga.” She grinned at him when he scoffed. “Katy Perry? Justin Timberlake?”

                “Okay, I think we have enough.” He went to her and grabbed the basket from her.”

                “No, you don’t get to make the final decision.”

                “Fine, grab whatever you want. I’m heading to the men’s section. I wanted to get a few shirts.” He walked off and headed to the men’s clothing section.

                “Okie dokie.” She grabbed the Glee CD, Fleetwood Mac greatest hits album and the NSync one because she knew that it would annoy him and it was exactly what she wanted to do. Shuffling down the aisles, she tried to ignore the displays of the giant stuffed animals and the baby isles. It was never in her cards to become a mother and although it was something she always wanted, she knew she had to ignore everything in sight. Including the adorable three year old, little, brunette girl that was twirling around with her new crown and wand.

                Riley couldn’t bring herself to walk over to him, forcing herself to walk towards the checkout lines. Thankfully, only one person was ahead of her and while she dumped out the CDS onto the belt, Jamie walked up behind her and tossed the shirts down onto the smooth, black surface. He grabbed a black Sharpie from the accessories rack, dropped it onto the shirts and then grabbed a tin full of mints.

                Sighing, Riley stepped over to the tiny counter and begun to rummage through her purse, only to be pushed off to the side by her friend. “I’ve got it.” He paid a hefty bill and then carried the bags out to her car with her in tow. “I think we need to down shift on a few things.”

                “Like what?”

                “You, driving.”

                “What do you mean?” He grabbed the keys from her without answering and skipped over to her car. He unlocked the car, made her get into the passenger seat and then changed his shirt into the dark red, long sleeved shirt he purchased. He then grabbed the Prince and Journey CDs, closed the door and made his way to the driver’s side. Getting in, he tossed the CDs over to her and instructed her to open them as he adjusted the seat and the mirrors to his liking. “Why are you suddenly taking over everything of mine?”

                “Because you obviously need a break.”

                “Not really.”

                “Your body says otherwise.” He drove out of the parking lot and started to drive down the highway.

                “How so?”

                “You’re staggering from exhaustion. So when we get back home, I’m drawing you a warm bath, giving your feeties a massage and then putting you to bed.”

                “Ugh, I hate them being touched.”

                “Did you forget that I have magic fingers?”

                “No.” Her hesitation was different than a normal one because she knew what he was capable of doing with those hands and he picked up on it right away, redirecting the conversation.

                “What’s first, Prince or Steve Perry?”

                “Prince, duh.” She popped in the CD, turning the volume up enough to drown out her pathetic voice as she sang along.

                “What are you doing?”

                “What? I’m not allowed to sing?”

                “Not like that.” He turned up the volume more and then sung really loud, glancing at her a few times to see if she would pick up her own volume.

                “Where are we going?”

                “You’ll see. Relax, babe. I got this.” He smiled at her and then went back to singing.

                She whined again. “But coffee.”

                “We’ll get some, I promise.” His little shoulder dances made her smile, making it hard for her to sing along. He nudged her with his elbow, telling her to sing with him and when she did, he was mesmerized. It had been a long time since he last heard her sing and it was making him fall in love with her all over again.

This is Gospel

Now that my boyfriend has read the whole book and loved it, he’s wanting to help me edit it before I get it published. Once that is done, I will make an announcement. Not sure if I’m still going to title it This is Gospel, but if I don’t then I will let you all know what the new title will be. I will also be making an announcement on my writing blog.

I’ve also been sick with strep and battling writer’s block for books and even this blog. So I guess I can just call it a hiatus until things get situated in my mind. I hope that everyone is doing well and having a good day!!!

My Writings

The book series has not been completed and have been having issues with it, so I have finished This is Gospel and have a few others to write that are shorter, but I am having a mental block on how to start them out.

Wild Man, Sinaria and the newest one that I haven’t titled yet will be worked on soon and posted asap. I will be working towards getting them published, but I would also like to know what you think. So email me at ravenquinnlyons@gmail.com and let me know what you think.

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